JKDW provides customized design services in Architectural Design, Interior Architecture and Set/Stage Design. The scope of work depends on what you want or require. Often this will be determined after an initial discussion about your project.

As our name suggests, we believe in a  collaborative process though we put a premium on Design. We invite you to be creative with us, to proceed with courage into what is sometimes unknown and to explore our limits. Ultimately, we believe in a contract based on trust, goodwill and the pursuit of a common goal. It is counterproductive for us to give what you do not desire or what will not work for you.

We believe that good design needs to exist everywhere and in every scale. Good design should know no demographic and financial boundary. We invite you to contact us regardless of your project scale and budget so that we can assist you in getting your project off the ground.


Our fees and fee structures are personalized according to your needs and expectations. Please contact us for an initial discussion about your project.