believe that good design is a right for all. We are interested and will aim to service projects of all scales and  budgets. However, from a scale of service point of view, we specialize in residential work (new construction and remodels) and small commercial interiors. 

We feel that it is our professional responsibility to advise, educate and collaborate with our clients and partners in the most effective way possible. We are fully invested in each project regardless of scale. All projects are important to us and we aim to create the best possible solution each time. We are truthful and honest in our opinions. We feel that one of the most important aspects of providing a service is to establish a high level of trust and respect between parties. The design and collaboration process should be enjoyable, educational and fulfilling.


Architects and trained to be spatial visionaries. We believe that the engagement of an Architect creates a level of refinement and elegance in the spatial arrangements of your
environment. We work with space like clay in our hands. We form, shape and sculpt it. We at Juicekitchen Design Workshop enjoy the challenge of realizing and synthesizing the unique set of design problems that exist for each project. No project is alike and we recognize this. Our environment in all its forms is precious, natural or man made. We have to shape our environment to work hard for us. We cannot waste it. We believe in utilizing the most assessible resources (both labor and material) to the greatest extent possible in order to achieve our goals. We look at the term sustainable in broad terms and not just in fulfilling measurable quantities.

Beauty, though often is in the eyes of the beholder, has to exist at multiple levels. Design has to be both beautiful and functional. Basically, it just has to work!

We live presently and believe in contemporary responses to our projects. This condition varies with every project and we do not subscribe to universal solutions. We aim to be sensitive, empathetic and creative.

We look forward to hearing from you.